Welcome to Horizon Sunrise Rotary!  

Chartered in 1999, we are 41 active and lively members who enjoy community and international service. Guests are always welcome! There will be friendly faces in the room happy to answer any and all questions about Rotary and what we do.  

Day: Thursday
Time: 7:30am - 8:30am (fellowship commences at 7:15am)
Cost: $16.00/person
Venue: BookCliff Country Club (2730 G Road, 81506)
Board Meetings: First Tuesday of every month. Rotary Hall (Colorado Mesa University, 1460 Elm Avenue, 81501) @ 5:30pm. 

Can't meet in the mornings? Visit our Satellite Club!

Day: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Cost: No cost for meeting/quarterly dues apply
Venue: normally Rotary Hall (Colorado Mesa University, 1460 Elm Avenue, 81501), but please check our Facebook site for updates!



Words of Inspiration:  Jen Grossheim Harris

Four-Way Test: TBD

Sargeant of Arms: TBD

Program: CLUB DAY

Back Pack: Biff Messigner



Words of Inspiration:  Biff

Four-Way Test: Verne

Sargeant of Arms:  Biff

Program: Pam Pine-Rotary's Shelter Box

Back Pack: Andrew Kramer



Words of Inspiration: Sara 

Four-Way Test: Ken

Sargeant of Arms:  Biff

Program: Lindsay and Richard's Trip to Japan

Back Pack: No backpack-Spring Break



Words of Inspiration: Theresa

Four-Way Test: Deb

Sargeant of Arms: Biff

Program: TBD

Back Pack: Sara Russell