2018-19 Committees


Board of Directors:

President – Kristi Adams

President-Elect- Deb Braffett

Past President – Lindsay Keller

Secretary – Deb Braffett 

Treasurer Bonnie Masters 

Member-at-large – Brenda Bryant

Satellite Liaison – Natalie Lineback

President Elect Nominee (PEN, term is 2020-21) – fall election



Public Relations--Jennifer Grossheim Harris

Foundation--Rob Benjamin

Programs--Poppy Woody

Membership--Andrew Kramer and Poppy Woody

Greeters--Dave Wheeler

Words of Inspiration & Four Way Test--Lindsay Keller

Sergeant at Arms--Glenn Evans

Raffle--Flip Hawkins

Grants--Deb Braffett and Jonathan Coppom

Service Hours--Claudine Bogart

Sympathy and Thank you notes:  Theresa Horvat


Youth & New Generations:

Rotary Youth Exchange--Michael Kilmer, Mike Moran and Chris Mahre

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards--Nate Wallace

Rotaract Advisor--Bonnie Masters and Holly Webster

3rd Grade Dictionary Program--Kevin Braa

1st Grade Library Card Program--Debbie Hoey, Cindy Merli and Claudine Bogart



A La Mode-A sweet and savory event--Richard Keller and Kevin Braa

Grand Junction Off Road Beer & Wine Garden--Miquette Gerber

Snowball Sweepstakes--Cindy Merli


Community Service:

Heart of Rotary Award--Claudine Bogart

Backpack Program--Ken Watkins

Blood Drive--Biff Messinger

Highway Clean Up--Richard Keller

JUCO--Andrew Kramer

Spellbinders--Debbie Hoey


International Service:

Medicine Arm and Arm and Ecuador Water Project--Miquette Gerber